She came. She believed. She conquered.

Hello 2014, it's time to top 2013!

Ahhhh 2013, where do I begin?  Last year was a time of transition and bursting forth for me!

I began last year recording as the voice of the most influential woman of my generation, yes Mrs. Carter herself--- Beyoncé! As her vocal double commercially, my voice blasted through your TV screen during last years Super-Beyoncé-Bowl Game, and even up to now. Pretty dope, right?


During the summer my twin brother and I was cast in a sweet pilot for A&E, titled "About to Break" . Just typing this compels me to do a #TBT pic...but I will resist.


The Fall brought me an incredible opportunity, where I was cast in the 1st annual NBC Diversity Showcase here in NYC! We blew up New World Stages with a culturally-diverged brand of funny.


Then I was blessed to pick up some rockstar legit representation after our showcase! Next came a role on the upcoming season of Nurse Jackie


Last but mos def' not least---- I replaced Lisa Kudrow as the new voice announcer for Yoplait..aaaaaahhh!!! I felt sooo good that I must've been on a winning streak, because right after I was asked to be the announcer for Tide!

Oh yeah, I also snagged some pretty sweet national commercials for Holiday Inn and TJ Maxx...while having my Walmart, Lady Speedstick, and L'Oreal commercials picked for re-use.


Oh don't sleep on Him, His name is Jesus! With Him all things are possible for this bubbly brown girl!